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Aliona I Valois Interview

Hello Aliona,
When and where did you set out?
I decided to become a magician after I worked as assistant in Illsuion Show. My husband is a famous illusionist,a President of Magic Club in our country and he is involved in magic for many years.Watching him and performing as an assistant in his show I understood that I  want to surprise people,give them smiles,see their admiring reactions too. I also like beautiful and amazing costumes,to be unpredictable and to be in a limelight.From the early childhood I was attracted with everything mystical and inexplicable.And I like to be a part of all that things.My husband gladly accepted my desire to become an artist of the original genre and kindly taught me everything I can do today.

How important your actual artistic area is for you?
Magician is not a profession,it is a Lifestyle.Once becoming magician you remain him forever.I like my job very much.It is very unusual and intersting.Moreover we have an Illsuion duet with my husband-so the magic is our whole life.

What are your next professional goals?
First of all I would like to combine two favourite things: my work and travelling.I would like to travel around the world with my illusion show,take part in different competitions,meet famous magicians. I would also like to make my show better,more grandiose,more incredible.I would like to invent something absolutely mine,unbelivable,that noone would know how it can be done.And,of course,I would like to get my personal Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame and to enter the history.

Difficulties you face?
I face many difficulties while working,but the main of it are indecent and irresponsible people who we need to work and cooperate with.I am very angry when organizators promise definite conditions but as a result give absolutely another ones,impossible to work in. Illusion Genre and especially Grand Show includes many niceties,very difficult preparation before show and many incompetent cooperators doesn`t understand it at all.Sometimes it happens that because of organizators we can`t show at stage everything that was planned.So we have to swear and to work in a very tense atmosphere.

What inspires you and what repels you?
My profession brings me incredible joy and pleasure,a lot of positive emotions and a huge supply of positive energy.It is not a kind of routine work that is boring and always makes you tired,but it is a kind of Adventure…because every time I see new places,meet new people,make new friends,get new impressions and experience.I am inspired when people don`t hide their emotions and are sincerily surprised and admired with my magic.What repels me? First of all the viewers who can not appreciate the art.There is a category of spectators who think that magician doesn`t want to entertain them,but to fool them.They make serious face when you show them some magic,whatever you have shown- they will not smile at all.They will never show they are surprised.They will try to interrupt and disturb you isntead of getting relaxed and have fun.Such people annoy me too much.

Where and how do you like have fun?
I like music very much. The best way for me to relax and have fun is Rock music concert! I also like visiting different TV-Shows and TV Projects and performing there.And travelling around the world of course.

Is there anything you would change on you?
I am a perfectionist both in my life and in my job.Very often it racks me a lot and takes a lot of energy.I would like to take some things easily and less stricktly.

What’s your opinion about love at first sight?
Do you mean if I believe in Love? Yes I do. And I`ve already met The Love of My Life. I am a very romantic Soul For me Love is a Great thing I could never live without.But,actually,Love is not a Big thing,it is a million of little things.It requires daily labor and self-sacrifice.I also mean love to my relatives,to my job,to my country.Love is all around us and I cant imagine my life without it.

Magician is rather unusual and atypical profession for a woman.What is the differ between Men`s and Women`s performance?
There is a big difference. Woman Magician has much more advantages.Beautiful,elegant woman can easier divert attention of the audience when necessary. Spectacular costumes,bright makeup,original accesories,high heels or spellbinding dance-here are some of these tricky methods.Beauty always dazzles and it is very good for woman magician.In spite of this woman magician is a very big rarity in the art of Magic.For example here in my country I am the first and only woman in my genre.

How do you invent your magic tricks?
I don`t invent directly new tricks,because all the tricks of a magic world have already been invented long time ago. Magician can invent not a trick,but an original way to show it,to tell about it,to add some effects to it Because a magic performance doesn`t consist of a single trick,it is collected from a variety of tricks and effects that need to be properly and harmoniously combined with each other.Magician also should choose appropriate music,costumes and stage style corresponding the genre.Magician should convey to the audience his story.That`s what I come up with.

What was the most extreme thing you have done?
If we talk about my job…the most extreme thing I have done was my First Performance.When you do something for the first time you are always affraid of it and have a lot of emotions.My first performance was at a very Big Wedding Ceremony.There were a lot of people staying around me.For me it was an extreme situation. The first step to a magic career.But everything went wonderful!

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